"The Invincible Czars have mastered the art of silent horror accompaniment."

- Austin Film Society

"Bizarre, haunting scores" - Kerrang


Looking for programming that online streaming services can't compete with?

The Invincible Czars' live silent film soundtrack shows are a movie and a concert all in one and, as the Rio Theater in Vancouver says, "An experience that can't be downloaded." We love independent cinemas, classic movies and film soundtracks and champion all three with these shows!

When you host The Invincible Czars, you'll get a high quality live performance that has been meticulously prepared, is easy to present and is just as educational as it is entertaining.

Our tastefully modern, precisely orchestrated soundtrack shows have made us favorites of independent cinemas, colleges and arts organizations around the US and Canada. You won’t find another silent film accompaniment act that’s as fun and engaging for contemporary audiences looking for novel live entertainment experiences - something independent cinemas can really use these days!

We write each score to complement the tone of the movie and to reinforce the story unfolding on screen. Then we rehearse for weeks to get the timing just right with the picture. We perform without the safety net of backing tracks or even a click. We KNOW these movies in and out and while we strive for precision, each performance is unique.

We bring our own sound engineer and digital mixer that can run out to a house sound system or to our own PA (suitable for approx. 700 seats.) We bring all our own instruments and microphones. Most nights we simply need access to power, time to set up and a projectionist to start the movie.

We're happy to be in the hands of a capable house engineer, too. Check our tech rider for specifics.

We also have much knowledge about the films we accompany and have no problem introducing ourselves and talking to audiences. We even offer educational outreach options.

We also have much respect and gratitude for the people who work at the venues we play.

"Gorgeous.” - Metal Sucks


In short - we're fun, impressive and we love interacting with people at our shows.

Our music and performances are meant to honor these early motion pictures and while we can do so in a reverent manner, our live shows are meant to be fun for contemporary audiences, many of whom experience silent film with live music for the first time with us. We encourage spooky attire and encourage audiences to join in the performance - howling, laughing, whispering and even leaving their seats. This happened organically as a result of audiences from town to town behaving the same way at the same moments with no prompting from us. We simply began giving them permission and joining in their fun. The more fun they have, the more we can bring!

Audiences love the novelty of our shows and instrumentation: we're a four to-five-piece ensemble incorporating flute, clarinet, guitars, piano & keyboards and drums & percussion. It's quite a feat to perform these soundtracks live and audiences appreciate the attention to detail. Our favorite comments have been, "You made this movie actually scary," and, "I never want to see Nosferatu without your score again!"

We draw influences from contemporary composers audiences know - Bernard Herrmann, Mark Korven, John Carpenter, Ennio Morricone, Bela Bartok, etc.

We also create custom artwork for each film and bring posters, t-shirts, DVDs, CDs, etc. for anyone who wants to take a piece of the show home. We're happy to pose for photos with attendees, staff, etc.

"(The Invincible Czars score for Nosferatu) is a brilliantly realized wedding of contemporary musical sensibility and technology with early 20th century cinema.”

- Chico New Review



We bring our own sound engineer and digital mixer that can run out to a house sound system or we can bring our own PA suitable for approx. 700 seats. We bring all our own instruments. We're happy to be in the hands of a capable house engineer, too. Check our tech rider below for specifics.


We also have various media options available for each film.

Tech rider


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We have been fortunate to perform at a ever-growing list of fantastic venues all over The US and Canada. Here are the places we visit regularly.


Montgomery - Marquis Theatre


Phoenix - Majestic Chandler & Tempe

Tucson - The Loft Cinema

British Columbia

Vancouver - Rio Theatre


Chico - Pageant Theatre

Eureka - Eureka Theater

Sacramento - Crest Theatre

Larkspur - Lark Theatre

Nevada City - Nevada Theatre / Onyx

Santa Ana - Frida Cinema

Los Angeles - Alamo Drafthouse, Secret Movie Club

Oakland - New Parkway

San Francisco - Alamo Drafthouse Mission


Denver - Alamo Drafthouse Littleton, Sie Film Center

Ft. Collins - Lyric Cinema


Alamo Drafthouse Bryant


Atlanta - The Springs

Athens - Cine


Boise - Egyptian Theatre


Carbondale - Varsity Center

Chicago - Music Box Theatre

Normal / Bloomington - Normal Theater


Des Moines - Fleur Cinema


Detroit - Cinema Detroit


St. Louis - Alamo Drafthouse

Springfield - Alamo Drafthouse


Omaha - Alamo Drafthouse

New Mexico

Albuquerque - Guild Cinema

Santa Fe - Center for Contemporary Art

New York

Buffalo - North Park Theatre

Brooklyn - Alamo Drafthouse

Huntington - Cinema Arts Centre

Ithaca - Cornell Cinema

Yonkers - Alamo Drafthouse

North Carolina

Raleigh - Alamo Drafthouse


Toronto - Fox Theatre

Ottawa - Bytowne Cinema

Kitchener - Apollo Cinema


Portland - Clinton Street Theatre, Alberta Rose Theater


Emmaus - Emmaus Theatre

Lancaster - Zoetropolis


Austin - Alamo Drafthouse, AFS Cinema

Dallas - Texas Theatre

Houston - Alamo Drafthouse, 14 Pews

San Antonio - Alamo Drafthouse, Urban 15

Laredo - Alamo Drafthouse

Corpus Christi - Alamo Drafthouse

Lubbock - Alamo Drafthouse

El Paso - Alamo Drafthouse


Salt Lake City - Broadway, Tower Theatre


Ashburn - Alamo Drafthouse Loudon

Arlington - Alamo Drafthouse Crystal City

Woodbridge - Alamo Drafthouse


Bellingham - Pickford Film Center

Olympia - Capitol Theatre

Seattle - SIFF Egyptian and Uptown

Tacoma - Grand Cinema