Peek behind the curtain and learn how we compose for silent films!

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This is an exclusive experience just for those who have supported us most. Composing for silent films has led to tremendous success so we want to share more with those who made that success possible!

Exclusive access to unreleased recordings from our silent film sessions!

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Behind the scenes photos from the vault!

Crazy and captivating stories straight from the source!

What Fans like you are saying...

“I never want to see this movie without your soundtrack”

“I’ve seen this movie many times and never enjoyed it so much as I did with your score.”

“You guys made this movie actually scary!”

We can't wait to see you in the pit!

Seriously? It’s taken you this long to click the “join here” button? Ok, maybe you need a little push…why embark on this little adventure with us? Well, because we’re a creatively silly bunch of nerds that love to create meaningful experiences.

Music and film makes an impact on us all and provides an escape, gives us insight, joy, laughter, cathartic release. I don’t know where I’d be without music and film and enjoying it with others is the best way.

SO. Get ready to nerd out on the art that has shaped our culture and paved the way for the artistic brilliance of today. Oh, and you’re gonna laugh, a lot, we’re a silly bunch tongue-out