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See the world’s first vampire movie with a tastefully modern score that’s been to said to make the movie “actually scary” for modern day audiences. People who see this say, “I will never watch Nosferatu without your score now that I’ve seen in this way!” Not kidding. If you love Nosferatu, see it with this emotionally appropriate and precise contemporary soundtrack featuring flute, electric guitar, violin, drums, glockenspiel, piano, organ, synthesizers, clarinets, bass guitar, percussion, voices and the sounds of rats. Add more fun with your own squeaky toys for the rat scenes (squeaky toys not included.)


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1) Will this play on my DVD player? YES. As long as it was made in this century and is properly connected to your TV.

2) How much of the original 1922 soundtrack did you use? NONE. This score is completely original.

3) What happened to the Romanian folk music you used to use in this score? We replaced those themes with tonally similar original music because, apparently, someone copyrighted those Romanian melodies. Egad!

4) Is this different from the way you play it live? Kind of. It’s hard to do the audience participation stuff on a DVD.

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